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Let’s figure out your REAL market value and craft that personalized negotiation strategy to get you paid.

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Feeling Underwhelmed By Your Salary or Salary Offer?

Let’s face it, the gender wage gap is real. Millions of women are being under-paid to the tune of trillions of dollars EVERY YEAR. Maybe you know the feeling.

Wouldn't it be great to know your market value and to have a clear strategy to help you achieve it?


Or maybe you are new to the workforce and you want to make sure you don’t fall pray to the gender wage gap. After all, the compounding effect of negotiating an additional $1000 per year at the onset of your career, can result in over $1,000,000 in additional revenue over your career span.

Professional Woman

Maybe you’ve been in the workforce for some time and your paycheck has gradually fallen behind. If so, it’s time to get a professional eye on your situation so that you can catch up, and get paid for your hard work. (And don’t be embarrassed, we’ve seen almost everything under the sun.)


Like most women these days, you might be looking to grow your career into top management and all the way through to retirement. But do you have a strategy to get there that will pay you what you are worth?

Salary Coaching
For Women helps you figure out your REAL market value

With LIVE data from paid salary surveys and databases. We then take that data, and teach you gender-based negotiation tactics to help you get paid what you deserve.

Real People, Real Results

Olivia is absolutely a guru! I am part of her inner circle and I do not have enough words to say how great the program has been for me as well as how much she has helped. I love that she pushed me to get myself out there and to help me know and learn my worth that I had in myself already. She is dedicated and motivational. I’m getting recruiters reaching out to me, my resume is finished. I have more confidence now.

Jenny Yi
Industry Leader in Hospitality

I have found the women, information and group coaching calls so valuable and uplifting for my career and myself-esteem. Olivia is always ensuring we know our worth and suggests ways to get our worth both with self-reflection and actionable items. I don’t think I would be where I am today in my career without Olivia.

Ila Schmaltz
Customer Support Analyst

How do you get started?

Here are the 3 simple steps.


Choose Your Service Package

We perform various market pricing, salary negotiation and career coaching services – we can tailor our packages to meet your specific needs or you can choose one of the following service packages.


Tell Us About Yourself

Fill out the step by step intake form with your background, salary information and the details of your current situation.


We Prepare The Compensation Data and Negotiation Strategy

Our compensation experts will market price you based on live market data. Once the report is ready, you will speak to one of our negotiation strategists who will go over the data with you and help you craft your upcoming negotiation.

Which Service Package is Right for You?


Set clear career goals, understand what that looks like in the market and how to get paid what you deserve. Set yourself up for financial success and get ahead of the game.

Professional Woman

We’ll do the analysis to properly understand what you bring to the table and what that’s worth in today’s market. We will help you craft your negotiation strategy or map out your strategy to grow your career.


Forget career ladders- take the elevator up to the C-Suite. One of our expert career coaches will help you map out a strategy to fast-track your way into top management.

Salary Coaching for Women in the news

Salary Coaching
For Women helps you figure out your REAL market value

Hi, I’m Olivia Jaras, CEO of Salary Coaching For Women. For years I was a compensation expert working on behalf of large consulting firms and established organizations. In essence, my role was to set the price tags on employees. One day though, I woke up to the stark realization that in spite of my best efforts to recommend unbiased salaries and being very deliberate to ensure equal pay there was STILL a gap.

Why was this happening? I went down the rabbit hole and combed through thousands of recommendations I had extended, only to discover the BIGGEST culprit when it comes down to women earning less than they deserve: They either didn’t know what they were worth, or even if they did, they didn’t know how to advocate for it. That’s when I found my calling: To close the gender wage gap, one woman at a time.

There’s nothing quite like the empowerment you feel when you are satisfied with your paycheck and in control of your financial future. Every woman has the right to know her worth and earn her worth.  Most women struggle getting paid what they really deserve because they’ve never had a real compensation expert assess their skills, qualifications relative to the position in question, using LIVE, paid market data.

While most companies have the luxury of having an entire HR and compensation team deciding on your behalf. At Salary Coaching we assign you a team of compensation AND negotiation experts so you can be certain of your worth and armed with a master strategy to negotiate for what you really deserve.